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Fun on the floor

I am such a kid when it comes to balloons.  A friend gave me this orange kitty cat balloon, and before I knew it, I was on the floor playing with it.  I called to tell her about it and she said I should make the pictures a little naughty.  I’m sure you guys are going to love these.  I put up some teasers, but these are nothing compared to the rest of them.  That little balloon suffered so much abuse bounding around me on the floor.  Check out the good stuff at Piper Fawn.  I’m sure you’ll never guess how this one turns out.

A Redhead in Blue Stockings

I thought it would be particularly patriotic to do a red white and blue photo shoot.  The problem is, I don’t have any patriotic lingerie.  My photographer is a genius.  I’m a redhead with milky white skin.  All we needed was blue!  So I pulled on some blue stockings and found my favorite toy.  Watch me tease myself before fucking my tight little pussy with this very fun vibrator.  I love having the freedom to express my sexuality, and I know you guys are happy to be able to find my porn blog.  See the rest of my salute to American sexual freedom at Piper Fawn.

Picnic In The Park

I love going to the park with a blanket and a book and having a little picnic by myself.  Whether I’m eating lunch or just relaxing, it’s so much fun to be outside taking in some fresh air.  I was feeling playful the last time I went.  I was playing and giggling for about a half hour before I remembered that there were no panties under my skirt!  Well, if I’ve already shown off my pretty pussy, I might as well put on the full show.  Watch me strip out of my clothes and make the grassy park more interesting.  Check the Piper Fawn profile at www.tuboff.com to see more videos.

Slumber Party

I know a lot of you would love to sleep over with me, but since I can’t fit all of you in my bed, I thought I could do some slumber party pictures for you.  I promise that you won’t want to go to sleep when you look at these surprisingly sexy photos of me on a pull-out couch.  Watch me pull off my clothes and get ready for bed, play around ready for a pillow fight, and all the other things girls do at slumber parties.  Oh yeah, we do that too.  You didn’t think I was going to play on a bed and not be a dirty girl for you, did you?  Well if you want to see it, go on the website and enjoy the gallery.  You can find everything you need on Piper Fawn .

Easter Bunny

I like pink clothes and costumes.  This bunny number I found seems to be the perfect combination of those two things.  Haven’t you always dreamed of having a sexy bunny of your very own?  I only put a few up on my blog, but the rest are on Piper Fawn .

Silly Shaving

Every girl needs a day of beauty, and leave it to me to make that day of beauty into a silly game.  Check out these pictures of me in the shower shaving and being silly.  I love the bright green inflatable floatie!  The rest of my sexy silliness is on Piper Fawn .